TV News 3.0


An insider’s guide to launching and running news channels in the digital age … the book the whole industry is talking about…

You will learn:

  • How to hire great people to help make your TV business dream happen
  • How to write a compelling business plan that will make investors back your venture
  • How to raise tens of millions of pounds in investment – and from whom
  • What it takes to make great TV news stories and programmes
  • How to avoid the mistakes I made and…
  • The three essential attributes every TV news channel needs to prosper.

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From the Introduction to TV News 3.0

The world of television news is endlessly fascinating. From its origins when the entire family crowded together at a fixed time each evening to watch bulletins from one or two broadcasters to today’s intense 24/7, always-connected, multi-screen, multiple-provider world, news has never been more intense or more instant. In such a hyper-competitive environment, the battle to get breaking news on screens first means that the journalists who produce the content are under unremitting pressure.

Managing a TV news business in this day and age has never been more challenging. In its first incarnation, TV news was a comparatively sedate affair; newsrooms were geared up to produce just one or, at most, two 30-minute programmes a day. When Britain’s BBC launched its TV news in July 1954, the first bulletin did not even use moving film, consisting of a series of still photographs and maps - with the newsreader heard but not seen on screen. It was only the emergence of a rival service, Independent Television News (ITN), in 1955 that compelled the BBC to rethink its approach.



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