Phew! After 12 months of hard work slaving over a computer, my first – and probably only – book has finally been published. It got its official launch last week at an event held at the beautiful Reform Club in London, where around 80 people gathered to welcome TV News 3.0 into the world.

Among the guests were some notable people from the television news industry, including K C Sullivan, the President and Managing Director of CNBC International, Ben Brown, one of the star presenters on BBC News, Martin Brunt, Sky News’s award-winning crime correspondent, Chris Birkett, the former Executive editor of Sky News, and Lesley Everett, the former Director  of Operations at ITN.

Sadly, other TV news journalists who had hoped to be there were precluded from coming because they had instead been sent to cover the Conservative Party Conference being held in Manchester, amid all the continuing turmoil over Brexit. While I am loath to enter into that controversial quagmire, I’m sure that some of them would have preferred being in Pall Mall at one of London’s original “gentlemen’s clubs”, which was first formed in 1836 by Members of Parliament as the political headquarters of the Liberal Party.

Among the club’s long list of illustrious members are several British prime ministers, including Winston Churchill, WIlliam Gladstone and David Lloyd George, many notable businessmen, including several Rothschilds, and esteemed writers such as HG Wells and Bram Stoker. Not to mention royalty: Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are honorary members.

It was an extremely enjoyable evening, as you can see from the photographs. For that, my thanks go to Richard Ellis, from my publishers, Blue Magpie Books, and to Carole Stone, CBE, the former BBC journalist who co-organised and hosted the event.

Quite a few guests were kind enough to buy a copy of the book, some of them even after having endured my short speech about why I wrote it. What I explained was that I want the book to, first and foremost, be a manual that helps young people find a way into the television news industry, particularly youngsters from the developing world who do not always enjoy the access to resources and information that their counterparts in the West often take for granted.

I am working on how to give such people not only access to TV News 3.0 at an affordable price, but also to give them more practical advice and assistance, and you’ll be among the first to know about these plans as they come to fruition.

In the meantime, I hope you might enjoy reading the book.

TV News 3.0 is widely available to buy, either on this site, or here as both a paperback or ebook on Amazon, here on Barnes & Noble, on Google Play here, and at Liberty Books, Pakistan’s largest online bookstore, here. If you sign up to receive my occasional newsletter on this site, you’ll receive a code for a 20% discount off its £12.99 price.

If you do buy and read the book, I’d love you to let me know what you think of it, by leaving me a message on my website here or by emailing me directly at